The Term “Title Company” Explained

The Term “Title Company” Explained

There are A LOT of moving pieces when it comes to buying or selling real estate. 

Let’s look at buying or selling Real Estate as one big puzzle.

You must have all of your pieces if you want to complete the puzzle. One of these pieces is a place we call the Title Company. 

So, what does a Title Company do?

The Title Company you choose to work with for your closing will do the research to make sure the Title to the property is legitimate. They will then issue you Title Insurance to protect your transaction.

They want to make sure that the buyer officially and legally gains the title to the property they are purchasing and that the seller has the official and legal rights to the title they are selling.

Title companies aren’t as mainstream as Real Estate companies, or banks where you get your mortgage loans from. In fact, Title Companies are pretty low on most people’s radars until it comes time for that big-ticket transaction. 

Title companies are a necessity, so they rarely need to do any advertising. Therefore, you must always ensure that you trust your real estate agent to advise you on the best Title Company to use. We’ve dealt with pretty much all of them, as well as, the Closing Agents in Northwest Arkansas, and we understand their strengths.

Going with the right Title Company can make your Real Estate transaction just a little smoother sailing.

Ask me about my favorite Title Companies!

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