The Term Homeowners Insurance Explained

The Term Homeowners Insurance Explained

Insurance comes in many forms: automobile, renters, valuable property, boat, HOME.

When you’re buying a house, one of the steps you must take before closing is providing proof of homeowners insurance. A piece of advice: follow what the commercials say and bundle! 

When you add your car and homeowners insurance together, you can get better rates on both your car and home, saving you a few bucks (that you can use towards your mortgage). The best part is, your mortgage loan will (typically) absorb the home insurance in to your mortgage payment so that you have one less bill to deal with. One less bill to deal with, but one you will be grateful for if something were to happen.

So, what all does Homeowners Insurance cover?

Exterior Damage:
A hail storm ruins your roof or the outside of your home.
There’s a fire.
Lightning strikes your house.
A tree lands on your roof.
Someone vandalizes your home.

Interior Damage:
Pipes burst, house is flooded.
A thief breaks in and steals your belongings.
A fire destroys your things.

If someone comes on to your property and hurts themselves, your liability coverage may save you from a lawsuit.

It is important to find an insurance agency that you trust. Some local insurance agencies work with a lot of different insurance companies so they can find you the best rates. 

Whatever you do, make sure you’re covered! Ask me for some insurance agent recommendations!

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