The Term Brokerage Explained

The Term Brokerage Explained

Whether you are a client (buyer/seller), a real estate agent, or a broker, you will likely find yourself researching a brokerage.
Let’s start at the beginning:

An individual wants to start a career in real estate, so they take the necessary steps to get their license. Once they receive the license, they can’t just begin to sell real estate. You must hang your license under a principal broker, and that broker may own an independent brokerage or work for a franchise brokerage.

Whether you are a customer or an agent seeking a brokerage, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Brand: Has the brand for this brokerage been established? Is it well known in your community and is it reputable? 
  2. Resources: From training to continued education, marketing to community involvement, what does the brokerage offer? 

The brokerage an agent chooses could be based on many different things. Do they have a good relationship with the broker or another agent that works there? Does the agent need more training so they choose a brokerage with a developed training program? Do they like the idea of working at a local brand, better known to their community? Do they want to go with one that has an established marketing department?  Does the brokerage offer a Wealth Building Program to plan for retirement?  Didn’t think that last one was possible?  Ask me about what Crye-Leike offers!

There are no right, and no wrong answers when it comes to the different brokerages out there. When it’s all said and done, it’s about the agent and their work ethic.

If you’re curious about the brokerage I work for, and why I chose to work here, reach out!  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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