The Term “Termite Report” Explained

The Term “Termite Report” Explained


That’s how I feel about termites, anyway.

They are those little tiny critters that eat wood. 

Have you ever seen a termite? Termites are particularly good at keeping to themselves, mainly where their food source is. Every now and again, termites manage to ruin someone’s day by making the bones of your home their food source of choice. 

This is why a Termite Report is necessary when purchasing a home. 

If there has been any prior damage done by termites, or if there’s a chance that termites will cause damage to your future home, you need to know!  If there are no termites and no termite damage, you want that reassurance too!

You have the option to renew this termite policy each year.  That will involve the company inspecting the house each year and reassuring you there are no concerns, or they will tell you there are termites and you can remedy the situation in the very early stages.  If there are termites on your property, trust me, you want to know ASAP, not once you have a buyer and a contract on your home.

When you’re ready to list your home or find a home without termite damage, call me, Jill Bell, at 479.799.3023. I’d love to educate you about the process and help you meet your real estate goals!

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