The Term “Survey” Explained

The Term “Survey” Explained

You’ve probably been asked to take a survey from time to time. Whether it was about a product, a service, or an experience, we’ve all been prompted to take at least one.

So are you ready to take another one now?

Just kidding! 

The kind of “Survey” we’re discussing today isn’t one that just anyone can complete, but one that must be done by a licensed land surveyor. You’ll want a survey when buying property.

A survey is performed to determine exactly what land is included in the legal description being purchased or sold. It can also be done to section a smaller piece of land from a larger parcel. When neighborhoods are being developed a survey is completed to establish the lots and layout of the subdivision. That type of survey is often called a plat.

When you buy a property you’ll want to know exactly where your property begins and ends, so that you won’t make any adjustments that might upset your neighbors, like installing a fence over the property line or placing your shed on your neighbors property.  You might also want to know if the neighbor has something on your property.

If you have questions about your property lines and would like to see yours, you should ask your real estate agent to include a survey in the real estate contract.  You’ll need to discuss whether the buyer or seller will pay for that survey.

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