Add to Your Curb Appeal… Prune Your Trees!

Add to Your Curb Appeal… Prune Your Trees!

Consider this your friendly reminder everyone!  It’s that time of year to prune your trees, especially the trees in your front yard.  Why the trees in your “front yard” you ask?  Curb appeal my friends!  It’s all about curb appeal!!!  I’d like to tell you that I prune all of my trees each year.  But the truth is that when we get that one sunny day in the middle of winter and I get so excited that I rush outside to do some yard work, I only get a few trees in the front yard done before I get bored with it and decide to go take a walk instead.

I enjoy pruning my trees, but my trees aren’t giant.  My dad taught me how to do this and he provided me with the necessary tools and equipment.  I love manicuring until I get the perfect shape.  I prefer egg shaped trees.  I recommend you visualize the look you’re going for before you get started.

If you haven’t ever done it before Better Homes and Gardens has a helpful post to get your started called, How to Prune Trees.

I know not everyone loves to do this kind of yard work.  If you live in Northwest Arkansas and you’d like to call someone to do the pruning for you, here are a few names and numbers:

Tree Climbers – 479-841-3804 (Jeremy’s website just makes me want to call him… He does tree climbing competitions!!!)

Raines Tree Care – 479-644-9210, 479-244-5228

Brown’s Tree Care – 479-273-0202

I hope this post reminded you and inspired you to get your trees pruned soon, even if it’s just the ones in the front yard.  It’ll definitely add to the curb appeal of your home.  If any of you Arkansans meet Jeremy the Tree Climber and see him do cool tree climbing tricks in your giant trees, please snap a photo and tag me or comment on this post.  I’m dying to see that happen or at least hear about it.  Better yet, if you make an appointment with him, call me.  I want to come over to watch.

If you’re interested in buying or selling real estate in Northwest Arkansas, contact me, Jill Bell, for more information.


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