The Term “Property Owners Association” Explained

The Term “Property Owners Association” Explained

Welcome to the POA!

If you’re here, that’s likely because you bought a house that is a part of a neighborhood that takes pride in its community, residents and amenities. I promise, the POA does more than just collect dues.

Often the POA will set guidelines that you are expected to uphold when you live in the neighborhood. POAs usually have rules like, “don’t park on the street overnight,” “you must keep your yard mowed,” and “livestock is not allowed in the backyards.””

The purpose of the POA is to ensure the neighborhood you live in stays nice. Here’s why:

  1. So that you can enjoy the amenities provided-
    If there are tennis courts, playgrounds, parks, pools, whatever it might be, the POA is responsible for the up keep of these amenities and they make sure they are taken care of and held up to standard.
  2. So you can continue to make improvements on the neighborhood-
    The work never ends for some! The neighborhood signs, entry ways, and landscaping have to be taken care of by someone.
  3. So potential homeowners want to live there-
    If more people want to move to your neighborhood then the price of your home usually goes up, which would be good for you when you decide to sell your home.

You may not always agree with what your POA is doing, or what they’re doing with your money. If that’s the case, see what you can do to become a part of it!

Are you looking to buy a home with a Property Owners Association?  I’d love to help!  Call me, Jill Bell, at 479.799.3023, to start the conversation! 

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