The Term “Power of Attorney” Explained

The Term “Power of Attorney” Explained

Believe it or not you do not have to be an attorney to have a “Power of Attorney”.

You don’t even have to go to law school.

You will need an attorney who went to law school to prepare the document though.

A Power of Attorney is a document that tells us a person can legally sign for another person if they are unavailable.

The Power of Attorney is usually used when someone cannot stand in for themselves, whether that is due to illness or they are just not available because they went on vacation or live in another state.

In my world the Power of Attorney is necessary if one party to the transaction can’t be present at closing.  It’s typically a spouse who signs for themselves and has the Power of Attorney to sign for the other spouse.

If you think you’ll find yourself in this situation it’s very important that you tell your real estate agent and the title company so they can help you get this document in place early to avoid a delay in closing.

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