NWA – A Community of Faith and Diversity

NWA – A Community of Faith and Diversity

This beautiful corner of Arkansas is full of wonderful diversity in every neighborhood. The establishment of the University of Arkansas here in the late 19th century has given to this area a heritage of culture, diversity, and acceptance. The world headquarters of corporations such as Tyson Foods and Walmart bring professionals to this area that come from many cultural backgrounds. If you are moving to NWA from anywhere in the world,  I’m confident that you will find community here for you and your family.

One of our newest religious centers is Temple Shalom near the University of Arkansas. Nestled in the trees is a beautiful and contemporary synagogue. It is a warm and welcoming place for all. This is an especially good place for anyone seeking to know more about Judaism.

Temple Shalom

Photo courtesy of templeshalomnwa.org

The Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, in association with the University of Arkansas, is part of the Buddhark assembly of Buddhist practitioners. The U of A was honored to be visited by the Dalai Lama in 2011.  Visit Buddhark.com for more information about the NWA Bhuddist societies.

The Islamic Center of Northwest Arkansas is a center for worship and prayer near the U of A campus. It was completed in 2003.

Hindu Association of Northwest Arkansas was organized to provide the religious and cultural needs of Hindus in this area. They offer many wonderful events year-round.

Each township that makes up our beautiful corner of Arkansas has a strong Catholic community. St. Bernard of Clairvaux in Bella Vista,  St. Stephen’s in Bentonville, St. Vincent de Paul in Rogers, St. Raphael’s in Springdale, and St. Joseph’s in Fayetteville. St. Joseph’s is also one of our premier private schools.

Our Christian communities’ roots run deep here.  We do dwell in the so-called Bible Belt of the USA so the fact that a church rests on almost every corner should not surprise individuals coming in to this area.  You will find some nationally recognized mega-churches, some beautiful historic churches that have served generations for almost two centuries including some new church fellowships cropping up in strip malls and theater complexes.

Faith-based community service and events abound here in Northwest Arkansas. There are many food pantries and help services provided through many faith-based organizations.

It is not intimidating at all to make connections in these communities. This is one of the friendliest places you will find. If you are moving here then you can know that this a place of faith, culture and diversity and not only in the community around the U of A but in all the communities that make up this special place. Come check us out!


There is a church directory site too that has information on all churches in the area, including the non-denominational.

This blog post is certainly not comprehensive, but I am happy to assist you in finding that area of NWA where you can truly call home. I believe, because of our strong community of faith, we are a safe and peaceful place to call home.

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