Nothing Changes the Look of a Home Quite Like Updated Light Fixtures

Nothing Changes the Look of a Home Quite Like Updated Light Fixtures

An easy and relatively inexpensive way to update a home and get it ready for listing is to change the light fixtures.  Many times, homes still have the original light fixtures that are decades old.   They may be perfectly functional, but stylish and modern lighting can help with quick and easy sale.  They have a tremendous impact on the appearance of a room or the exterior of a home.

Light fixtures are easy to replace and they can change the design tone of an entire house. They can give a house a trendy, classical, or even regal appearance  A luxurious chandelier in the living room can add a rich undertone and highlight the furniture. Wall lighting can help your paintings or artwork glow and stand out.  Exterior lights can add amazing curb appeal.  The possibilities are endless.

Your local home store may carry some basic types of fixtures, but in the Northwest Arkansas area, I recommend Lighting Emporium in Springdale. They have a great selection of fixtures and numerous catalogs to order from.  They have design consultants that can help with selecting a single fixture or every light in your home.  Lighting Emporium will even help you with installation.  Just don’t get distracted with all of the furniture, rugs and home accessories while you’re there.  Just kidding!  It’s impossible.  Enjoy the experience and wander around the whole store for home design inspiration.

Lighting Emporium

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