5 Steps to Success: How to Stage Your Home to Get Top Dollar Quickly

5 Steps to Success: How to Stage Your Home to Get Top Dollar Quickly

When selling a house in any market it is crucial that sellers set themselves up to have every advantage possible to get higher offers quickly. A core tactic used in real estate strategy is staging, but what is staging? Staging a house means cleaning, decorating, and preparing the property for the dual purpose of making it easier for buyers to visualize themselves living in the home and to make the property appear more attractive to potential buyers. Here, I’ve compiled a few tips to help you through the staging process.

  1. Get in a Buyer’s Mindset

Before you do anything get in the mindset of any potential buyers and take a tour through every room. Take note of any and all factors that would dissuade you from buying the home. Note repairs that need to be made and things that would make the home more attractive.

  1. Clean Thoroughly

It may go without saying, but nobody wants to buy a dirty home! Take time to organize and clean stray objects around the house. Tidy up outside the home as well.  Have the carpet steam cleaned. Remove all personal items such as family photos, medications, and any other items that would damage the buyer’s ability to visualize the house as their own. Store furniture and things you don’t use regularly to make the home appear more spacious. While you’re doing this, remove valuables for safety. Once the property has been cleaned you are one step closer to a sale!

  1. Repair and Replace

Use the time before presenting a house to potential buyers to replace objects and features that may make the home appear unattractive. Repair walls that have been damaged. You may repaint walls a lighter color, remove old carpet, and/or replace old light bulbs with new, brighter ones. If anything is broken, have it repaired because it will come back on the inspection report anyway. With all of these new additions your property will look just like new!

  1. Don’t Forget the Details

Now that all of the repairs have been made and the presentation of the home is visually pleasing it is time to add the final touches around the house. Add fresh, colorful flowers and plants around the house. This will make the space much more cheerful. You also want to open some windows in order to allow fresh, outdoor air to travel through the house. In addition you can light a candle to give the home a pleasant smell. All of these little details will make the showing experience much more pleasant for the buyer and therefore increase your chances of a high offer!

  1. Curb Appeal Matters

The inside of your property should now be ready. The final step is to make sure the outside of the house is ready for buyers. What people see from the curb is their first impression of the house. If they don’t like what they see there they are less likely to give the interior of the home a chance. General lawncare will go a long way here. Mow the yard, trim the trees, and clean up animal waste in the yards surrounding the house. Make sure the gutters are cleaned out and water flows away from the house. You’ll also want to sweep doorways and bring a powerwasher to clean the driveways and sidewalks of the properties. If necessary, you may repaint or refinish the front door then add a new welcome mat and some fresh flowers in a planter.

Now that your house is ready for buyers to fall in love with you can have your listing agent open up the property for showings!

If you’d like my Staging Guide or if you’re ready to list your property for sale, call or text me, Jill Bell, at 479.799.3023 to start the conversation. I’ll prepare a Certified Market Analysis (CMA) to give you an idea of what homes that are similar to yours are selling for in our market and I’ll walk you through the steps of the listing process. I’m sure we can get top dollar for your home and we can do it quickly!




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