My 5 Favorite Fayetteville Pizza Places

My 5 Favorite Fayetteville Pizza Places

Pizza is the best food ever. Period. It is food for comfort, late night studying, new baby crazy, soccer team celebration, too -tired-to-cook night, shopping break, dinner and a movie date,  and “you are the best mom ever!” meal.  No matter what corner of the world you come from there is a pizza topping to satisfy your tastebuds. Pizza is just brilliant food for the pickiest of eaters in the family. Let me share the places my family and I love!

1. Wood Stone Craft Pizza  The revitalization of south Fayetteville has given us some wonderful new eateries that use local farm produce and meats plus the best offering of craft beers.  The craft pizza and beers here at Wood Stone are amazing. I love “The Curly” pizza but I look forward to making my way down their list of creations.  They all look delicious!

Woodstone Craft Pizza

2. Damgoode Pies is in the old HoffBrau building just off the historic downtown square. Great dine-in experience but you can carry-out or have it delivered.  Try the BBQ Chicken pizza for an amazing meal.

Damgoode Pies

3. Geraldi’s is a little hole-in-the-wall place with big taste! The pizza has the best red sauce around plus an awesome menu of Italian dishes. A warm and friendly place to grab that Razorback pre-game meal.  This pizza is so good I even enjoy eating the cheese pizza with my kids.  They offer a variety of custom creations so try them out and choose your favorite.


4. Gusano’s is the best Chicago-style pizza south of The Windy City. Really.  Take a bite of any Chicago Style creation from Gusano’s and you will agree.  You can dine in to enjoy Gusano’s pizza, but they will also deliver it to your door so keep that in mind next time you have surprise dinner guests.


5. Mellow Mushroom might bring an immediate thought back to the hallucinogenic 60’s but it is just a really good pizza that kind of transports you from a stressful day to a good state of mind.  For those who want a more delicate diet then try the Skinny Shroom pizza or anything from the gluten-free list.

Mellow Mushroom

If you live in NWA, I hope you learned about a new pizza place to try! If you have any other favorite pizza places in NWArk comment on this post and let everyone know. If you’re visiting, hopefully we’ve helped you plan a meal. If you’re relocating to NWArk, I hope this post gave you a glimpse of our area. It’s a great place to live! If you try these pizza places, I’d love to see you Around Town! Post your pictures to Facebook or Instagram and tag me.

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  1. Sarah Cox

    Don’t forget Tim’s Pizza East on Mission Dr.
    Owners Terri and Rocky Slavens run the best ‘mom and pop’ pizza place in town!

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