A Little Treasure of a Bookstore on Dickson Street

A Little Treasure of a Bookstore on Dickson Street

A post by Bev Worley, local expert on All Things Northwest Arkansas…

I have plenty of downloads on my Kindle but there is still nothing that compares to holding an old book in my hands. I close my eyes, open it up, take a deep breath. The pages waft a musty scent as I bring them close to my face. I.love.books.  There are all kinds of memories now dancing through my mind. One most vivid is my childhood nights after lights-out when I would secure my top sheet on the head board and make the perfect reading tent.  Slipping the flashlight out from under the pillow just increased the anticipation of my reading adventure! My grandfather gave me that flashlight because he was a little bit of a mizer and got tired of waking up to the bedroom light being left on all night. He was just enough of a kid himself that I’m sure the gift of the flashlight was also his way of adding to my adventure.  I knew he liked to sneak off fishing in the middle of his farm chores. He knew I liked to sneak off to Neverland or Timbuctu in the middle of the night. Every granddaughter needs a few special secrets kept between her grandfather and herself.

The Dickson Street Bookshop is adjacent to the Walton Art Center.   The shop began its charming spell back in 1978. It is now ranked up there with some of the most iconic bookstores in the world.  When I step inside it’s a Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium for grown-ups! It has an amazing selection of out-of-print and first edition books.  As I travel the labyrinth of aisles I would swear I have entered into some kind of sacred catacombs where used books are laid to their eternal rest. I think every book that has ever been written is hidden away in one of these towers of shelves. A map is needed to find the section I want but none is provided.  That’s the wonder and charm of this adventure in the Dickson Street Used Bookstore. One evening I sat for over an hour just looking through the books about Europe. I wanted all of them. I couldn’t make up my mind. How could a place hold so many treasures?  This is my go-to shop when I need a special gift for a teacher, pastor, friend, neighbor, child, family member or me! There is a perfect gift found every time. And what a lovely way to continue the life of such a beautiful thing as a book!

This is just one of the many treasures I’ve found on my adventures through Northwest Arkansas. I hope you have been intrigued enough to come and visit our corner of the state and that you will want to stay a while or make it your new home! Stay tuned, I have more little treasures of Northwest Arkansas to share with you!

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